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Since 2003 I have worked full-time teaching/guiding the sport of Fly Fishing on the Truckee River, its tributaries, and Pyramid Lake. My goal each day on the water is to bring the best possible fly fishing experience to participating anglers in the Reno/Tahoe area. I teach both the fundamental and modern techniques of fly fishing. 


 Learn how to

  • Read Water
  • Understand fish feeding behavior and when to implore dry fly, nymph or streamer tactics
  • Identify insects
  • Cast a fly rod (overhead casting, roll-casting, water-loading casts, and spey)
  • Handle fish properly for successful catch & release. 
  • Tie knots and line rigging
  • Follow correct fly fishing etiquette 
  • Stay safe and confident on the water


It can be said that Arlo is single-handedly responsible for the rapid progression in not only my success and enjoyment of fly fishing, but also that of my family. In short, he took me from a novice, nearly first time beginner, to a moderately successful fly fisherman.
Through patient listening and thorough explanation, Arlo makes every effort to ensure that not only are we having a good time, but also that we are catching fish. His knowledge of fishing, plain and simple, is unmatched - whether I ask about flies, equipment, river entomology, etc., Arlo is always patient and thorough enough to provide me with a basis to carry on further research. I would unequivocally and unconditionally recommend Arlo to anyone, including the most demanding relatives.
— Scott M. Lee CFA
When I relocated to Reno, NV I was interested in hiring a guide to learn about fishing in the West, and developing new skills. I began asking around and Arlo’s name was the one that I had heard about from many people in the Reno community. I hired Arlo on 3 different occasions and had a wonderful experience. He is an excellent teacher of the sport and is dedicated to the well-being of the fish and natural surroundings. He has such great respect and knowledge for the sport, and his enthusiasm is contagious.
— Cary Sue Groth , former Director of Athletics University of Nevada Reno


  • Professional Fly Designer/Signature tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants
  • Simms Guide Ambasssador since 2006
  • Pro Staff RL Winston Fly Rods
  • Scientific Anglers Pro Staff
  • Costa Del Mar Pro Staff
  • Hatch Reels Pro Staff
  • Several published articles in Fly Fishing Magazines such as Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, and CA Fly Fisher.
  • Speaker at Simms Ice Out 2012-13
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